Broker Policy

Missouri Real Estate Commission Rule 339.151. 1. No licensee shall pay a commission or any other valuable consideration unless reasonable cause for payment exists or a contractual relationship exists with the licensee.

In compliance with the Missouri Real Estate Commission Rule, a Cooperating Broker Agreement MUST be signed by and between the Leon R. Miller Co as Listing Agent and the Cooperating Broker prior to offering said property for sale.

The Cooperation Agreement will stipulate that:

  • The cooperating broker will receive a percentage of the sale only when working as a buyer’s agent.
  • The cooperating broker will not receive a percentage of the sale when acting as the purchaser in whole or in part regarding the property subject to the Agreement.
  • The cooperating broker will not receive a percentage of the sale should their or its respective customer/client/buyer have made contact with the listing broker prior to the signing of the Agreement.
  • The percentage of sale received by the cooperating broker will be defined in the Agreement and may be different on each listing.

Contact Leon Miller 314.966.4100 or email at for the Cooperation Broker Agreement. Please specify the listing that you are requesting Cooperation.